Biobanking Ethics Course

مجلة نبض – دورات و مؤتمرات :

Time: 23 April 2013

Venue: College of Public Health and Health Informatics – KSAHS – Riyadh

This course will be about research in genomic era, Saudi biobank, incidental findings and individual results in biobank research, and Islamic view on clinical research and research biobanking.

It will be followed by a workshop about: Confidentiality, Biobanking and Children, and Commercialization.

This course is free of charge but there are limited seats.

For those interested to join this course, please fill-up the attached application form and submit a scanned copy via email address:

For any inquiries, please feel free to call our Education Coordinator, Ms. Alanoud Hasher:

  • +966 1 8011111
  • ext. 49811/49824.

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