Seminar on Deceased Donor and Organ Donation

مجلة نبض-دورات ومؤتمرات:


Organ Donation and Transplantation in Saudi Arabia (problem and perception)
Religious and Ethical Aspect of Deceased Organ Donation
Dx of Death by NEurological Criteria
Organ Donation Process and Breaking the bad news
Donor Assessment and organ selection Criteria
Maintenance of a potential Donor
Deceased Organ Donation in Western Region
NEW SCOT Initiative 2020 MCIS
:Who should attend
Critical Care Physicians
ICU and ER nurses
Nurse Leaders
Pallaiative Ccare
Social Work
Registration :  SAR 200
:Registration Details 
Ms. Rehaf Alfidy
Ms Farhat Sultana
IMC Academy 4th flr IMC
ext 4324 / 4326

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