Team Based Learning

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:Learning Objectives
:At the end of this event attendees will be able to
Use “backward options” to create effective learning ecperiences
Discriminate between effective and ineffective assignments for learning groups
Identify four keys for designing assigments that will improve both learning and team cohesion
Develop a strategy for forming effective learning process
Use the readiness assurance process to assure content mastery and promote the development of self management learning teams in his or her courses
Establish a grading / reward / feedback system that will motive his / her students to prepare for and engage in peer teaching
Practice effective application assignment design by actually creating at least one effective application assignment for one of his or her courses
.Analyze the design of assignments using “4S” assignment design principles
:Who should ATTEND
Academicians –

 Medical Educator-

 Curricula Designers-

 Residency Training Programs Coordinator-
Facilitator : Larry K Michaelsen PhD
Early up to August 15 2017 : $800
Late after August 15 2017 : $1200

:Contact details
Ext 4324/4321
email :

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